Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Ready to Use FrameMaker with the ESTK

You could, if you are truly brave, author your .jsx script files in any text editor. You could then run them using the Scripts menu Run command. But the rest of us will want to use the ExtendScript Toolkit. That means downloading the ExtendScript Toolkit OMV. (OMV is short for Object Model Viewer).

This means downloading and installing the OMV file. You can navigate to the download using the built-in Help. Look for the  FrameMaker Developer Center. For convenience, I am including a link here:

FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript Toolkit OMV

The setup instructions tell you where to locate the OMV file. In my default FrameMaker 10 installation, I found that I had to create the directories named. When installing the OMV, be sure to place it in the location that matches the version of the ESTK you intend to use.

Here is my OMV file:

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