Sunday, January 1, 2012

Collapsing Elements in the Structure View

Once you can access an element's object, you can affect how it is displayed in the structure view.

By updating the walkTree() function with a single line of code, your script can collapse, as is the case here, or uncollapse elements in the tree.

function walkTree(elem, count) {
    var child, name;

    name = getElementName(elem);
    elem.ElementIsCollapsed = true; // collapse element
    Console(count + ":  " + name);
    child = elem.FirstChildElement; //get first child if any
    while (child.ObjectValid()) {
        count = count + 1; //upate element count
        count = walkTree(child, count); //traverse subtree with child root
        child = child.NextSiblingElement; //get the siblings
    return count;

Just be sure to redisplay the document when you are done to make your changes visible to the user.


Before the script was run, the structure view appears as follows:

After the running the script, it appears as shown here:

Just to verify that all elements in the tree were collapsed, I manually uncollapsed the root element to reveal that the script works as expected.

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