Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Attribute Names

Once you have an element's object, you can examine its attributes. This script lists the attributes of the currently selected element in the FrameMaker console.

The script uses the GetAttributes() method and then iterates over the attribute list obtained, each time getting the name and writing that value to the FrameMaker Console. (The extra space prior to the name is used solely for readability purposes.)

// determines associated element definition name
function getElementName(elem) {
    var elemDef, name = null;

    elemDef = elem.ElementDef;
    if (elemDef.ObjectValid()) {
        name = elemDef.Name;
    return name;

//writes element name and list of attributes to the console
function  displayAttrs(elem) {
    var i, name, aName, attrs;
    name = getElementName(elem);
    attrs = elem.GetAttributes();
    for (i = 0; i < attrs.len; i++) {
        aName = attrs[i].name;
        Console( "     " + aName);      
var doc, elem, eLoc, eRange;

doc = app.ActiveDoc;
eRange = doc.ElementSelection;
eLoc = eRange.beg;
elem = eLoc.child;
if (elem.ObjectValid()) {
} else {
    Alert("No element was selected.",

Consider the test case where the oil.xml document's title element is selected.

The script produces the following output:

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