Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Opening Files Off Screen

If you are processing a large number of files without user interaction, consider opening those files off screen. This allow your script to work faster (as there is no need to update the display) and to do its work without screen fireworks.

Use Open() and set the open parameter Constants.FS_MakeVisible to False to open a file off screen. Files opened this way can be modified in exactly the same way as files that are on screen.

If you work with files in this way, keep in mind is that your script must take total responsibility for managing off screen files. When a script is done with an off screen file, it must save (if changes are to be retained) and close the file. Failing to do so leaves the file locked and open but inaccessible to an end user.

There may be a case where you want to open a file off screen, work with that file, and then make it visible to users. To do so, set the document property, FS_MakeVisible to True when you are ready to reveal the file to users. 

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