Sunday, November 13, 2011

Creating a New Paragraph

While paragraph formats have names, paragraphs do not. They fall into a class known as series objects. A series object is any object, other than graphic object, that occurs in an ordered list. Pages and book components are also series objects.

Call NewSeriesObject() to create a paragraph or other series object. As series objects are part of ordered lists,you need to specify the type of object to create and the identifier of its predecessor in the list.

If you want the new paragraph to appear at the start of the flow, specify the flow object for its predecessor. For other objects, specify 0.

//add a paragraph at the start of the specified flow
doc.NewSeriesObject(Constants.FO_Pgf, flow);

//add a paragraph after the paragraph specified
doc.NewSeriesObject(Constants.FO_Pgf, pgf); 

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