Monday, November 21, 2011

Graphics and their FrameParent

The page frame that holds all of a page's content is a special instance of a graphic object. But what exactly are graphic objects?

In FrameMaker, anything that has handles when selected is a graphic object. This includes the following object types:
  • AFrame
    An anchored frame that is tied to a specific text location.
  • UnanchoredFrame
    A frame that is placed directly on the page.
  • Line, Arc, Rectangle, Ellipse, RoundRect, Polyline, Polygon
    The simple geometric shapes that can be created with the FrameMaker drawing tools
  • Group
    An invisible object that allows a set of other graphic objects in the same frame to be moved or otherwise managed as a set.
  • TextLine
    A line of text created with the FrameMaker drawing tools.
  • TextFrame
    Container for a text flow.
  • Inset
    An imported graphic or file that was imported into a FrameMaker document.
  • Math
    An equation created with the FrameMaker equation editor.
All graphic objects appear within frames, whether anchored or unanchored. A graphic's FrameParent property provides the link to the containing frame. The page frame, as it has no containing frame has a FrameParent that is null.

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