Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Page Frame

Pages object do not contain the text and graphics that appear on them. Instead, pages have a PageFrame property that specifies the identifier of the page frame that contains those objects. (Everything that prints in a FrameMaker document is within one page frame or another.)

The page frame is an invisible unanchored frame whose dimensions match that of the page. A page frame has the object type FO_UnanchoredFrame. If you have a page object, you can get to the page frame using the PageFrame property. There is a corresponding property PageFramePage that takes you from the page frame back to the page.

The following illustration shows this relationship. It uses FDK FP_ prefixes for property names as I have recycled it from some old FDK training materials. Drop them to get the corresponding ESTK names.  All page types have this property, not just body pages.

These properties are important if you need to determine what page an object appears on or conversely what objects appear on a given page. I will go into these problems in more detail in my next several posts.

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