Saturday, December 10, 2011

Straddling Table Cells

Table cells are said to be straddled if a rectangular group of cells is combined to form a single cell. When defining a straddle, you must identify the leftmost and uppermost cell and determine how many rows and columns are to be straddled.

Straddles are determined by a number of  cells to the right and below a specified cell. The FDK model is shown below with cellId referring to the second cell in the second row. 

F_ApiStraddleCells(docId, cellId, 2, 3);

Here is the ExtendScript code and the result of straddling the second cell in the second table row.

var doc, table, row, cell;

doc = app.ActiveDoc;
table = doc.SelectedTbl;
if (table.ObjectValid()) {
    row = table.FirstRowInTbl;
    row = row.NextRowInTbl; //second row
    if (row.ObjectValid()) {
        cell = row.FirstCellInRow; //first cell
        cell = cell.NextCellInRow; // second cell
        if (cell.ObjectValid()) {
            cell.StraddleCells(2, 3); // 2 down, 3 across

WARNING: If this table had a header, the first row would be a header row. So don't get confused when counting rows in order to do a straddle. Header cells cannot be straddled with body cells.

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