Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unstraddling Table Cells

Unstraddling table cells is, in some respects, the inverse of straddling table cells. It does remove the straddle but cell content originally dispersed between the straddled cells remains in the cell that "anchored" the straddle even after the original cells are restored.

The following code is identical to that shown in the previous post save for the addition of a single line:
cell.UnStraddleCells(2, 3);

var doc, table, row, cell;

doc = app.ActiveDoc;
table = doc.SelectedTbl;
if (table.ObjectValid()) {
    row = table.FirstRowInTbl;
    row = row.NextRowInTbl; //second row
    if (row.ObjectValid()) {
        cell = row.FirstCellInRow; //first cell
        cell = cell.NextCellInRow; // second cell
        if (cell.ObjectValid()) {
            cell.StraddleCells(2, 3); // create the straddle
            cell.UnStraddleCells(2, 3); // remove the straddle

Here is a table before the script is run:
Here is the same table after the second cell in the second row is straddled and then unstraddled.

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