Thursday, December 1, 2011


Tables are represented by the Tbl object. They consist of one or more Row objects with each row having one or more Cell objects.

NOTE: Table cells are a special type of text frame. They can contain text and almost anything that can be inserted into text with the exception that tables cannot be inserted directly into table cells. You can add a table inside a table cell by placing an anchored frame within the cell, a text frame within that anchored frame and then inserting the table.

Tables have a large number of the properties that reflect the choices a user might make table design dialog box.

There are two ways to find tables:
  • If you want all tables in any order, use the list of all tables in a document. Use the  FirstTblInDoc document property, NextTblInDoc table property.
  • If you want tables in flow order, use GetText() using the flag Constants.FTI_TblAnchor.

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